1. three really great zines that I have acquired recently and I think you should too made by really cool people 

    From left to right:





  3. Anonymous said: My best friend is moving across the country and I'm so fucking scared. I don't want to go through junior year without her. I don't think I can. We were supposed to edit the humor section of the school paper together and be incredibly scathing and witty. We were supposed to push drunk boys off each other at parties. We were supposed to sleep squashed together on my twin bed &sweat. All I do now is eat cake frosting and dream weird scary feverish dreams about jerking off my math teacher and cry.

    I’m sorry. You seem really good though I think you’re strong enough to do it. I have faith in you.

    All I do now is eat dill pickle chips and cry.

  4. A lock of hair from a girl I kissed a few times

  5. Damn


  8. Anonymous said: What kinds of things do you do differently when you're alone v. when you're around other people

    I’m alone most of the time. I sort of gave up on trying to change my behavior for other people. I suggest everyone does the same.


  9. Anonymous said: Who are some internet friends you want to hang out w/ and what would your ideal hang out be

    I really need to meet Ella, Josie, Brie, Christian, Ciara, Urji, Nora, Lily, Ariana, Elle, Maren…just to name a few. 


  10. Anonymous said: what place in the world do you want to visit and why (if there's a reason).

    I just want to hang out with all my Internet friends