1. They took my ribbons down

    I am trying to teach myself that I will never be able to get everything I want all the time. I stare at myself in the mirror while I brush my hair and say “no” over and over again. I still don’t get it. Everything I’ve ever read has been about me. Everything you’ve ever written has been about me.

    Things that used to make me smile don’t make me feel much anymore. I used to like eating lollipops on the train while making eye contact with strangers. I used to passionately say, “fuck that” when appalled but now I only mumble it under my breath. I used to like kissing people, as many people as possible, but now I only kiss my eyelids every night before I go to sleep. I used to listen to music and dance and not feel stupid about it but now my body feels disconnected from my mind. Before something within me shifted they used to work together, for whatever purpose, and do the job well. I used to indulge in every way I could but now I don’t think I deserve it. Now I don’t really think anyone deserves it. I don’t think anything deserves me. 

    I pray to god everyday that all my enemies fall in love with me so I can never love them back.


  2. Anonymous said: did u lose a hoop earing?

    Yes one that said “I love you” in the middle…how did you know


  3. Fuck this gay ass earth
    Like this post if u agree


  4. Anonymous said: your body is so pretty you rock it! I think my body looks similar to yours, and i often feel too masculine (I'm not saying yours does you look beautiful) but i just wanted to know if you had any ideas to make me feel better sorry this is a mess your so pretty sorry

    Don’t ask strangers about their bodies



  6. post-emotional:

    lauren’s rock


  7. abuse is terrible. abuse literally changes your brain. it changes how your view yourself. it changes how you view the world. don’t ever let anyone teach you not to love yourself. the most radical thing a young person can do is love themselves. corporations teach u not to love urself so they can sell you things. partners teach you not to love yourself because they want u to belong to them. friends teach u not to love yourself because they also don’t love themselves. if everyone loved themselves this would be a beautiful world. i will never apologize for loving myself D I C K S Q U A D


  8. badplantzine said: who are some artists you like? visual and musical :~o

    I only look at my friends’ selfies and I only listen to pop music 


  9. Anonymous said: you are one of my favorite blogs (if not me favoritest)(just info)

    who? me?


  10. Anonymous said: how can i be truly happy?

    If you always want more than what you already have life will be disappointing.