1. Anonymous said: I'm bored. broke and unemployed. I have dreams and fashions i wanna experience but i can't even afford shit. It's so embarrassing and hard to "embrace" cause i feel like everyday is a lie and ain't nothing gonna get better. But I'm a great person i just don't know about anything. any words? or feedback?

    I’m finding this particularly hard to respond to because I feel you. There are a lot of people struggling in a similar way to how you are struggling. There are more people struggling than there are those in a constant state of comfort and luxury. Sometimes it’s nice to think about that, that you’re not alone, but it’s also sad. Capitalism is exhausting and stupid and gay.


  3. Anonymous said: Hey how's the poem video going?


  4. eBay


  6. Anonymous said: why don't you like baltimore?

    I don’t think I can live in a city and ever be 100% happy.


  7. Anonymous said: what is baltimore like?

    I’ve been living in Baltimore for a year and I don’t like it


  8. does my new hair look pretty? does everyone love it? does everyone love me?


  9. I’m just like everyone else I put my Skechers on one foot at a time


  10. ossimatic said: Where were you when you felt safest?

    This question makes me sad because I don’t know